About Me

  • Want to read more deeply and not just focus on the narrative?
  • Want to understand clearly what a writer intends?
  • Wonder how one writer is uniquely different from others in his genre?

I’ve always been called a loner. And a watcher, an onlooker. Have always chosen activities I can do by myself such as reading, photography, cycling, and writing. My travels were always by myself, often heading deep into gorges coming out covered in leeches so that I could grab that special photo. Or hiking into far-off woods to capture the essence and bring some of that back.

I’d bet many of you are the same. Of course, being isolates most of us don’t discuss our endeavours, so there’s no club. I’m not a joiner, but I’m interested in how people develop interests that entertain them, often take over their lives.

Do you write? Try to? Drop me a line to share your story.